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Raul sensed my presence.
Do you want me to tell you the story?

It´s a story that is written early every day and at dawn too.
The dream of Calavera Mexology began to take shape while Raul was growing up in the town of Amatitan, Jalisco, surrounded by turquoise blue valleys and breathingthe scent of cooked agave, tequila and fiesta.

In Culiacan, Sinaloa, he learned to organize the impromptu parties at his maternal grandmother´s house - the band playing between the pots of the best beans in the world and freshly made flour tortillas - where he was supported by the love of his mother - a strong, brave woman who was unafraid of what people might say, and to whom we owe the brews and concoctions of Calavera Mexology.

I already felt like releasing my party animal spirit, but Raul still had things to learn.

His German grandmother taught him (in between producing delicious cakes) to be disciplined, elegant and attentive: and his father, that the road is travelled with respect, work, honesty, and a daily struggle.

Raul was almost ready: he only needed as we say in the underworld, to prove to himself that he could do it.

He began to study international business, made friends, went to Spain, had the best fiestas and hangovers, and worked as a bartender until he returned to Mexico to work in a large company. He worked, learned, and drank like a champion, he wanted to eat the world, and here begins the good part because I, the Calavera Devil, put in an appearance.

It was June 2015. Raul´s sister Karin was organizing her wedding and wanted to have the drinks and the fiesta of Amatitan with its unique touch to show off her origin and culture.

I took the opportunity to whisper in Raul´s ear ¨Oh boy, this is what we´ve been waiting for, you´re taking off!¨ He was going to throw the first Calavera event, on September 19th, 2015, for 600 guests, the wedding of his sister, a beauty queen known throughout Mexico.

We returned to Mexico City hungover and tired from so much dancing. Raul didn´t know whether to carry on with his job or not and I was tempting him-"Jump in, come on! Let´s unleash the Pachanguero Spirit everywhere! You know you love it!¨ You know what we devils are like. I even made a deal with his dad to convince him, and he said " What´s the worst that can happen to you? There will always be beans at home. ¨So the deal was closed and Calavera Mexology was formed with Raul Ontiveros and his devil at the head.

The first year wasn´t easy, but after talking to close friends and chatting with clients, partying and going back to the beginning, Raul finally listened to the Calavera Devil and understood what he had to do.

Now hold on because the Pachanguero Spirit is on the loose, and the truth is that I don´t know where I end, and Raul begins.

Do you want to know more about our history?

I have a podcast and I do unplugged sessions on Sunday nights, take out the Ouija board so you can tune in to the channel. Or, I can offer you something easier: get in touch with our #LocosCalavera and invite them to your event so you can see how they light up the room as this is not a joke.

Just one recommendation: on Tuesdays, don't get married or embark (Mexican saying) It did not translate well though, just don’t do it on Tuesdays please.

The Souls of the Fiesta

Los Locos Calavera.

What can you call the people who transform your moment into something you don´t expect? Easy, Un Loco.

Los Locos Calavera are beings from another world, bathed in tequila, mezcal, tejuino and salt as that was the only way their hearts answered the call of the Pachanguero Spirit. They don´t have common names, they don´t answer to ¨hey you¨ they will connect with you when you look them straight in the eyes saying clearly and without hesitating ¨Hey Loco! Give me some of that stuff you´re concocting! That´s how the Calavera Spirit spreads.