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Our history is written every day, in the break of dawn.

We were born from the desire to share what we are and what we are going to be. Starting with the colors and smells of cooked agave that flooded Amatitán, the Vermouth that Grandma drank telling us it was for her orange bread, mixed with the passion and madness of my Sinaloense family added to the heart of Jalisco. All that just for starters. Today we are in Guadalajara, CDMX, La Baja and even in the United States, because Calavera Mexology helps us awaken the #PartySpirit that lives in each person with whom we toast.

Do you want me to tell you a story? Yes? Well, I'll tell you that from the heart of the valley where Tequila is born we leave driven by dreams, desire and a little magic to conquer; First we went to CDMX where we learned a lot, sucked more, and danced to the Harlem Shake, do you remember? Good 'ol times! We found accomplices, buddies, we also received the call from the depths of our being to undertake, and we undertook the trip back to Guadalajara with the idea of ​​giving life to something never seen before.

We came back.

We thought about it.

We spoke to old friends.

We partied.

The party got into us.

Until one day someone told us that: sometimes you have to jump from the balcony and wait for wings to grow on the way to the ground; We did that.

We threw the first event! the most important, the wedding of a beauty queen known throughout Mexico, born in Amatitán, she had a pact with the devil because when Karin smiled she lit up any place, but when Cecilia gets angry, beware!

We made all the potions, concoctions, spells and we armed ourselves to the teeth so that day would be unforgettable for everyone, the #EspirituPachanguero was born in September 19, 2015, at the wedding of Karin Ontiveros and Álvaro Aguilar. Our godparents, here among the family of the one who hired me to get out of purgatory for a while to write these texts, after all, there are no souls to torture or seduce in the world, right? Hey, what beautiful eyes you have, let's see come on closer.

Do you want to know more about our history?

I have a podcast and I do unplugged sessions on Sunday nights, take out the Ouija board so you can tune in to the channel. Or, I can offer you something easier: get in touch with our #LocosCalavera and invite them to your event so you can see how they light up the room as this is not a joke.

Just one recommendation: on Tuesdays, don't get married or embark (Mexican saying) It did not translate well though, just don’t do it on Tuesdays please.

The Souls of the party

Our Locos Calavera.

How could you call the people who transform your moment into something you don't expect? Sure: crazy.

Our Locos Calavera are beings from another world, bathed in tequila, tejuino and salt because only in this way could their hearts be awakened to the call of the pachanguero spirit; They do not have common names, they do not respond to the hey young man! They will connect with you when you call them, looking directly into their eyes saying clearly without hesitation: Hey Loco! Give me what you're preparing. This is how the Espiritu Calavera spreads.