What do we do?

It is what it is

For the beginning

To break with everything and tease you a bit, we have created this concept from the shadows where even the mute speaks. At the beginning of your event we can offer you the magical mezclas Calavera for different sizes of welcome, our guarantee is that your uncle, the one who never speaks, will be the life of the party.

The unwinding

Full belly happy heart? We believe that this is just the beginning. After your dinner we have the ideal potions to make your event a feast worthy of the Gods in Mictlan.

You want to know more? Sign the release of rights to your soul and one of our Locos Calavera will come for you. Lies, we can't do that anymore. But if you want, yes we can.

La ruleta de la muerte

Oh! The jewel of our obsidian raven, the morning star, our greatest pride: La ruleta de la muerte.

I could write kilometers of texts and I could never finish describing the emotion of playing with it, better ask our Locos Calavera about it, if you don't like it we won't charge you for it, but we'll take your cousin's soul with us.

Do you want to play? Very well, sign your initials here on your screen, that gives us rights over your soul, don't worry, we'll return it ironed and starched.

The spinner has 360 degrees and spins on an axis to the right, to the left we tried it but many people were scared. Your destiny is at stake, hit the brakes and let it be what God wants, or not.

You have 12 possibilities for your soul to land, what will your heart really long for? Do not despair, soon you will know. Each card has a reward or punishment, depending on what resonates with you.

Ask God or the Devil to let you fall on any of his cards except the one that will leave you bald, say one, say two, say three, and stop him because the roulette of death wants you to hit him.

Do you feel lucky? Go ahead and play with La ruleta de la muerte.

Tiro al Diablo

Come closer.

But not so much. About three paces maybe, because the fire is on point and we don't want you to burn yourself. Look, read carefully that I do not repeat. Fate gives you the opportunity to have very good sense, today you will know the Devil's shot, our new creation from the third circle of hell, interesting isn't it? I imagined it.

You have 9 squares in front of you and some darts, depending on your timing, or the folly that you have, our crazy skulls will be able to give you different punishments that are pretty cool. Are you ready? Because our Devil is within range.

Do you have the dart in your hand? You go.

What can I find? You may wonder, and our answer here is:

  • Touches, touches: Punishment with a skull touch machine.
  • Triple: Penalty of 3 shots in a row.
  • Double: Penalty of 2 shots in a row.
  • Chili: Punishment for biting and sucking a chili with tequila.
  • Deviled scorpion: Punishment for taking a shot of tequila with a scorpion inside.
  • Poison Pot: Punishment of taking a tamarind-flavored shot with tequila.
  • Heart in flames: Punishment of taking a Jamaican flavored shot with tequila.
  • Trident with flames: Punishment for taking a pineapple-flavored shot with tequila.
  • Virgin skull: Joker for the madman to choose the punishment for the victim.

Hear ye, hear ye!

Our ruleta de la muerte to take wherever you want, with this kit enjoy sharing the pachanguero spirit with your friends without having to take the Locos Calavera, we tried to put them in the kit but their bones at the third turn did not resist, apparently already They don't make them like they used to.

Do you want to know what the kit includes? I like you, click here for more information. But, please, before accepting, read carefully what we send you, it is not so easy to return souls in these times.

Group Spells

Do you want to learn our tricks? Welcome, in these workshops you will be able to learn the subtle art of Mexology, no, it is not a mistake, you read that right: Mexology; Mexology is the art of mixing the flavors, colors and concoctions of our Magical Mexico infused with the pachanguero spirit of the underworld.

Calavera Digital Experiences

Don't be scared, enter without fear. Here we have what you like: Calavera experiences in their digital version. If you are outside of Mexico, or simply because, we have this version of our different experiences that range from tastings, mexology classes where we offer you the same Calavera experience through Zoom or Meets or Teams or the system you prefer, Ouija is out of the question because the 5G doesn't hold well leaving Mictlan.

What can you learn? All our concoctions and alipuses, in the purest style of our Locos Calavera. Don't be afraid, sign here and prove that the party spirit is also spread from a distance.